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Our Five Tiers

Our five tiers of IT support give you exactly the level of service you need at a price you can afford. Learn more about what we offer and which tier of IT support is right for you.
Quality of Services provides IT operations and support for your business at a variety of levels to suit your needs at a price you can afford. We offer five tiers of support.

Premium Tier

With our premium tier service, you can rely on an in-resident engineer responsible for all IBM-related tasks at your disposal.
Our experts are never far away with weekly visit to discuss day-to-day operations and follow-up on tasks and projects. We will also act as your personal liaison with IBM, handling all correspondence with the IBM support team.
Premium tier also offers documentation for all storage, SAN and servers infrastructure.To ensure a smooth operation from the start, we handle the installation of IBM hardware with IBM or business partners and daily checks on IBM storage and servers machine status and manages the day-to-day server and storage operation tasks.
As you business grows,we give you quarterly capacity consumption reporting for consumption trending and performance reports for trending and workload increases for every month. Yearly, we compile a consolidated report showing the growth in performance and capacity utilization on all levels for storage, SAN, and servers.
Premium tier customers always stay in the loop with weekly performance reports covering storage and servers.
Plus, we'll ensure you stay up-to-date with regular checks for all storage, SAN and servers environment compatibility status, as well as regular firmware update check.

Tier 1

Tier 1 customers can draw on the expertise of our IT professionals with regular monthly visits to discuss projects,answer questions and touch base. Plus, you'll also receive a monthly performance report to ensure your major storage and server systems are working to their maximum potential.

Every quarter, we provide a chance to discuss issues in depth with meetings to assess the performance of your operation. Plus, we provide yearly consolidated reports demonstrating the growth in performance and measuring the utilization of your capacity on all levels of storage, SAN, and servers.

Tier 2

Our Tier 2 service offers the quality support of our IT professionals with quarterly visits to your business and performance assessment meeting for a comprehensive analysis of your IT infrastructure to ensure your hardware, software, network resources, and services are working to their optimal potential. In addition, you'll receive quarterly performance assessment and written reports to monitor the efficiency of your major storage and server systems. Each half, you'll have an additional meeting to check the health of your system and discuss any issue in depth.

Tier 3

With our Tier 3 service, you'll enjoy visits from our IT professionals twice a year to evaluate your entire IT infrastructure, suggests improvements, answer questions, and follow up on projects. We also provide a performance assessment each half to help you get your systems operating at the optimal level. In addition, we send our Tier 3 customers quarterly performance reports for major storage and server systems so you'll stay on top of you can keep your IT environment is working to maximum efficiency with minimal cost all year round.

Tier 4

For more independent businesses, the Tier 4 service provides you with just the right amount of IT support to assist you in keeping your IT infrastructure on par with industry standards. You will benefit from visits to your place of business twice a year to discuss any questions, updates and performance evaluation with our IT professionals. You'll also receive a health check every year to ensure your system is running with optimal performance and efficiency. In addition, we will provide a performance assessment every year, and send you a performance report each half to evaluate your major storage and server systems.

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